Welcome to the Well

The local well or “watering hole” serves as the gathering place for communities all over the world. Located in the center of town, the well provides life-giving water and an established place for people to meet, exchange news and ideas, and rally in times of need.

In good times and bad, we always need to draw from the well.

The Well embraces these ideals, creating a place for meeting, eating, conspiring, and enjoying the company of friends. The Well offers a carefully curated mix of food offerings in the form of four separate and unique kitchens, a central bar, a coffee shop, and indoor and outdoor dining and community spaces in the center of our city.

At the corner of Pikes Peak Ave and S. Weber, situated in the unique, art-deco inspired building that once housed an auto repair shop and a bus depot, the community “watering hole” finds new life.

Side-by-side with us, you’ll find our friends at the Philanthropic Collective, a workspace center for gathering many of our community’s brightest minds in philanthropy. The Well exists in partnership with this exciting collective and by their generous investment in the dream of creating a powerful, community-driven place of gathering.

Together, we are transforming this little corner into its own “well” of ideas, art, collaboration, and deep investment into our community.

There is never a time when we don’t need each other. Community is the engine of survival and innovation in good times and bad. Join us as we explore the possibilities of this unique endeavor in the heart of our city. Grab dinner or a drink, try something new, make a new connection, deepen relationships.

Draw from The Well.

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